14G Rose gold Hinged Hoop Belly Button Rings

Bling it on the sparkle of Belly Rings!

Belly rings have become a sizzling trend, offering a fun and flirty way to adorn your midriff with a sparkling statement. Why have they become a must-have for jewelry enthusiasts nowadays?

A Brief History of Belly Rings

While body piercing dates back to ancient times, belly rings gained prominence in Western fashion during the late 20th century. They became popular in the 1990s, embraced by pop culture icons who showcased them as bold, stylish accessories. The belly ring evolved over time, with designs becoming more intricate and creative, reflecting the wearer's personality.

Does belly piercing hurt?

It varies by person. Most describe the pain as a quick pinch that subsides shortly. The excitement of adorning the belly with jewelry often outweighs any discomfort felt during the piercing process.

Belly Piercing Types

Among the many styles of belly rings, the double mount design stands out. This design offers two gems or decorative elements, creating a visually captivating look. The double mount belly ring is perfect for those who want to make a statement, adding an extra layer of sparkle and charm to their ensemble.

Tips for Choosing Belly Ring

When choosing a belly ring, consider:
  • Material: For sensitive skin, hypoallergenic materials like titanium or surgical steel are ideal. Gold and silver are also popular choices for their luxurious look.
  • Gauge: The gauge determines the thickness of the barbell. A common size is 14-gauge, which fits most piercings comfortably.
  • Style
    • Hinged Hoop: Easy to wear and versatile for different looks.

    • Dangling: Adds movement and extra sparkle with its hanging designs
    •   Spiral Twist: Offers a unique twist (literally!) to standard rings.
    •   Top Mount: Emphasizes the upper part of the piercing with decorative gem.        
    • Comfort: Ensure the ring feels comfortable against your skin, especially if you're new to belly rings.

    Pairing Belly Rings with Outfits

    • Casual Looks: Simple styles like hinged hoops to complement your everyday attire.
    • Party Wear: Opt for dazzling, dangling designs to elevate your night-out outfits.
    • Swimwear: Show off your belly ring with bikinis or crop tops, where spiral twists or top mounts can shine.       

    How to clean your belly rings?

    To keep your belly ring sparkling:
    • Clean Regularly: Use a saline solution or mild soap to clean the piercing.
    • Avoid Chemicals: Chemicals in lotions and sprays can tarnish your jewelry.
    • Remove When Necessary: Take them out during physical activities or while swimming to prevent damage.

    When to Change Your Belly Navel Ring

    Changing your belly ring for the first time should be done with caution. It's best to wait until the piercing is fully healed, which can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months. Signs of full healing include no discharge, redness, or pain around the piercing. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly and use a clean, sterilized ring when making the swap.
    At Jazzy Tune, we offer a range of hypoallergenic dainty belly button piercings to complement your style. With the right care and pairing, your belly ring can be the crown jewel of your personal style!

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